mardi 20 août 2013

Photography Tricks - Learn the Basics

I love my holidays with my partner, that are exciting, sometimes turbulent more productive than I have in my life. Always exciting, always new and always different, but I always, I have a hobby. I hated when he took the camera on me, never realized what he did, but he always takes the camera on me when I had a stroke of a key or a unique perspective. Now, do not like being patronized and I'm very competitive, so I decided to find out what these digital photography  tips and tricks are key to taking good quality photos that are never afraid to leave the camera in my hands again!

1: The use of depth of field. Once you understand the basic principles of development, The Photographs Tricks take on a new depth of field. The depth of field refers to the depth of the image area appears to be the point, which is usually described as either superficial or deep. To put it briefly, if you aim for a photo with shallow depth of field shot Try practicing a boat moving towards you while standing in a harbor, with shallow depth of field that the bow will be on item. If you aim for Deep depth of field both on the ship, port and maybe a few cars waiting to board the next boat may be in sight.

To maximize your understanding of the depth of field, it is important to understand how to use aperture lens focal length and the "camera" remote object. Each point has a lot of learning and study, however, is very satisfying once you understand and implement the three main learning.

2: Need for Speed. One of the few drawbacks to the modern digital camera is the delay between pressing the shutter and when the camera actually takes the picture is the responsiveness of the device. It is a challenge for all modern photographers to capture the decisive moment. Learn and understand how the camera will help you better use your camera to its fullest and learn to overcome the challenges of delay-sensitive camera. If you buy a camera for action shots such as football matches or capture children wild animals, it is important to consider the frame rate of a camera. For the action scenes, a device must be capable of five frames per second. Faster shutter speeds can "freeze" moments or slow shutter speeds can make moves "fuzzy". You can use the device to convey a sense of movement, using the negative effect of both freezing and motion blur.

3: Rule of Thirds. How many amateur and professional photographers had to hear in the clubs of the camera, etc., to discuss the rule of thirds? Have you ever heard or understood what he meant? Once you are familiar with your camera the next important step is to understand how to use the rule of thirds. A key point of photography is to plan your shot, most of us rarely do we expect to make the perfect shot, mostly by luck rather than using the smart view. The rule of thirds means that the photographer, imagine an image frame is divided into nine squares, almost as if you were drawing board a "Tic Tac Toe". Points of interest would then match one of the four points of intersection. It is argued that by using this technique, the photographer adds more power, voltage and the composition of the material chosen. When photographing people, it is usually common to align the body with a chosen vertical lines and line the eyes with a horizontal line.

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